NY Times does it again!! New article "Big Splash"

Jerry S

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The Times They Are A-Changin' indeed


Kelly, I don't know if you were thinking of the lyrics to The Times They Are A-Changing. They sure are apropos to our cause and hardly bely the 1963 date of their writing. Thanks Bob.

1963? Seems like yesterday. Thanks for the lyrics, Kim.

Eric Johnson from I&I

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It's impressive to hear how cannily Mikovits got that hypothesis going, and how far she trailed this thing like a hunter. Before, I had heard only that she got a lead from the RNaseL stuff already published on XMRV, and I was inclined to think "well, not bad, and she's certainly no idiot, but luck was probably on her side more than it was on the side of a lot of other discoverers."

Hearing that she followed the trail all the way from Peterson's odd lymphomas, I'm kind of blown away, and feel stupid for thinking what I thought before. It sounds like less luck was involved than I thought. Seeing things so accurately from so far away takes mad skills.


NYTimes Coverage of xmrv / ME/CFS

I am right in thinking that XMRV and the lovely folks at the WPI getting a second outing in the New York Times is pretty huge, yes? Enlighten me for I am just a simple lass from Blighty :D

The whole world has heard of the NYT, getting a follow-up story seems so bloomin' cool, I'm excited!

Hi Katie you simple lass you.

Seems huge to me! I tried to count how many articles, then got carried away and made up a list - GREAT coverage from a great paper. They're really on top of the story.

1. Oct 8 09 in the Research Section
Virus Is Found in Many With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

2. October 9, 2009, in the Consult Blog in the Health Section
The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

3.October 12, 2009 in the Health Section
Could a virus be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?

4. a) October 13, 2009, in the Consults Blog in the Health Section
Behavioral Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

b) Update | Oct. 14 . Questioning the mind-body view of chronic fatigue syndrome and EMDR. See Dr. Friedbergs response below.

5. October 15, 2009, in the Consults Blog in the Health Section
Readers Ask: A Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Nancy G. Klimas, answers questions on the recently discovered retrovirus and clinical care of chronic fatigue syndrome

6. Oct 20 09 in Opinion
A Case of Chronic Denial by Hillary Johnson, author of Oslers Web

7. Nov 11 09 in Giving Section
A Big Splash From an Upstart Medical Center

hmmmmmmm - a morning plus of creating this post?? Ah well, it really makes me feel good.

I seem to have become a letter writer. I think I'll write to the NYTimes to compliment them on how well they're covering this on-going breaking story. And may start this as its own thread so that if others want to write, they can as well. nytnews@nytimes.com


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Hey Limey,
Yeah its a pretty big amount of coverage, and NYT is basically the national paper. The Washington Post is generally preferred only when it comes to the hard core, downtown, insider politics of our misbegotten national government elites. The NYT doesnt live here and cant really get a platinum-level account in the Washington DC "favor bank." Even today, some things still gotta be done vis-a-vis.

But y'all just say "Times" dont you. Here we invariably write "NY Times" in deference to London.

Only partisan Republicans and big business peeps stick to the Wall Street [Neocon] Journal, which has also had a fair amount of coverage. Oh yeah, and we irrelevant (and yet bitter) neanderthal paleocons, negligible in number but punching above our weight, also prefer it (ahem, BARELY!).

ALL academic scientists here, literally over 90% (probably 95), are left of our center, generally havent the time for insider politics, and only read the NYT. I'm not sure whether things are equally slanted among private industry's scientists, but I dont think its all that different.

I hope all this will help reduce the credibility of CDC when they inevitably publish some paper using a "CFS" prevalence of 2.4%, six times the one found by Leonard Jason and ten times the one found by that other dude.


Seven stories!! Thanks Islandfinn, I'm even happier now. Only The Independent provided extra articles, The Guardian (they print the rather odious opinion of Dr Crippen, don't google him if you don't know him, waste of energy, google Pimp That Snack instead, more fun), The Times and The Telegraph gave it a once over and that's about it. Thank you for spending your morning on this post, it's much appreciated by this simple girl :p

Hey Yankie :D

It was very satisfying to read the CDC getting verbally slapped on the wrists in the most recent article. I was surprised there wasn't a sentence from someone at the CDC as they've not said much since Reeve's clumbsy slip of the tongue. Any little bit which casts the CFS arm of the CDC in its true light is fine by me, the light can come and shine on Kings College soon.

I'm also reading about paleconservatism on wiki now, I'm a little bit of a political theory nerd, and I'm finding it fascinating. :)


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This is not the first time a government bureaucrat has shrugged off something that was just too much trouble for him to contemplate. I know of an individual at NIH who actually admitted to putting the kybosh on research that would later tie folic acid supplementation to specific birth defects. The power of one individual in such a setting can be amazing. What makes this so disheartening is that we can remain so influenced by people who really don't deserve such trust or respect. Its a punch in the guts when the trust that we assume they deserve is 'violated' by a callous disregard for potential realities that they ignore out of laziness or arrogance or fear. These realities either escape them altogether or cannot break past the self importance that often keeps mediocre scientistsmediocre! The intellectual buck does not stop with Reeves or anyone else who makes their living in the inefficient milieu of government-sponsored research that we taxpayers blindly fund.