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nutritional food


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Melbourne, Australia
Hi Mark,

while meal replacements can be a boost for anyone with appetite issues (or unable to cook, or even energy to eat a full meal), I really do encourage people to try to eat some fresh healthy food (not processed, or meal replacements).

Spend a short while on the internet & find the top 20 foods high in nutrition & anti-oxidents. See if you can manage to eat the majority within a week. (my diet is based around them, but I can't eat oats because I get hives).

Secondly, instead of trying to eat lots of food, or different varieties, or large servings, or even looking for great recipes, try getting used to only eating 10-12 fresh foods.

I find I lose interest in food when I try to cook recipes, or eat a varied menu. I'm too tired at the end of the work day.

If I have the very basics of good food, I don't have to think so hard.

Cook or eat different coloured foods & serve on an attractive plate. Makes all the difference if your plate of food looks bright & cheerful. Believe me, it really does.

Also, cook small quantities & serve on a small plate (like an entree). I once saw an English friend serve her small children a mountain of bland, colourless, overcooked vegetables that would have scared anyone away. A third of what she served would have been plenty for a small child. And the broccoli was cooked to grey mush, instead of bright green, al dente cooked broccoli.

I even drink my water out of an attractive glass. Serve vegie juice in a wine glass. I eat from blue or green plates most of the time.

And in the very hot weather, try just cutting up a plate of raw vegies & fruit, with an organic, free range boiled egg or cheese for some protein. Or a can of baked beans on toast with some steamed broccoli. I can't eat beans, but they are a useful protein when combined with bread or pasta (which I don't eat either, but that doesn't stop it from being good for you).

I tried a meal replacement about 17 years ago (to lose weight). Never, ever again.
The most boring, bland thing imaginable (or another one I tried was loaded with artificial flavourings or sweeteners).

Try eating 6 tiny meals a day if you have a poor apetite. If you're house bound, try sitting outside in fresh air for a few hours each day (if weather & pollution permits).

If you haven't got somewhere outside to sit, try opening the windows wide. If it's cold, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, so you don't get chilled.

If you can manage a walk, trying a 10 minute walk morning & night. Don't go too far, in case you're too tired to walk home.

They say fresh air is good for the appetite.

Please do try to eat fresh food.

HI victoria, and thanks for the good suggestions. It sure is hard to eat when one doesn't have an appetite. Forutnately, I am getting my appetite back thru Freddd's b vitamin protocol at the moment.

I did a search on the top 20 foods high in anitoxidants and nutrition. Never realized red beans were so high, and artichokes. I am like 20 miles from the artichoke capitol of the world here in castroville, california at the moment. Just saw 10 for $10, so I will check that out soon. I love beans too, and burritos are my favorite, so eating beans shouldn't be a problem.




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I find the easiest way to get a load of nutrients down easily is to juice vegetables.

I am keen on parsley, fennel and my home grown alfalfa shoots.
I juice many different veggies, fruits. Also invented a smoothie I drink as a meal replacement. I use a few frozen blackberries ( or mixed berries; any will do), Brewers' yeast for its malt-like flavor/protein/Bvitamins, a spoon of Hershey's cocoa powder, a bit of nonfat plain yogurt, splenda, and baby spinach if I have it. It's very good to me. Gives me a lift without many calories, provides protein and antioxidants. Everyone has things they dislike, but if you experiment you might find 'your' thing. Any protein powder ( soy) could be used I suppose. I also like to grate fresh ginger root over frozen blackberries, sweeten them a bit and call that dessert.

Oh, yeah. I keep baby carrots in the fridge in a bowl of water for when I just want something crunchy. Radishes I keep the same way. Canned Progresso soups with 0 to 1 WWatchers points are warm, good and comforting and filling. Black beans with corn tortillas are one of my fav. filling things. And veggie split pea soup. I try to avoid all chemical additives . They almost always make me sick. Sweet potatoes work for me. I buy the small ones and bake them in the microwave.

I eat a lot of air popped popcorn to keep my mouth busy. I use only curry powder and splenda on it. Curry is heaven to me.


"and this too shall pass"
Vancouver Canada suburbs
TY Marc

The site looks interesting Marc. It might be good for those that cannot tolerate ensure or other meal replacements. Please let me know if you try it.