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Nueroquant cerbral white matter hypotenstities


Senior Member
I found this in my nueroquant report as it said white matter hypointensitites in this region was abnormally low.Its in the 1 percentile in the right hemisphere

Other lobes were found to have areas less than 5 percentile as in the attachment.From my understanding nueroquant measures volume.I don't know whole lot about it

Just curious if anyone may know what hypotenstities means ?

Thank You


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vision blue

Senior Member
What an amazing test. Did you do an MRI for it?
I don't have any special knowledge- i'd just be using google and using logic
Does seem like overall you have less (20th perecetile) brain volume than aged match controls?
What did you get the test for? i'll look and see if its considered reliable or bogus.