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Now this is funny


Forum Support Assistant
Here's a review. I think the review might be for the first version of the Vitastiq:

“Vitastiq is an electronic device based on electro-acupuncture methodology (EAV)”, according to the company. “Scientists noticed that the electrical resistance inside some of the body’s acupuncture points changes if an imbalance is present.

Vitastiq measures the electrical resistance of an acupuncture point in relation to the reference point (reference point is determined during calibration). Therefore, the device does not directly check the concentration of the particular vitamin or mineral. It informs the user about their present body condition and it tracks the general vitamin/mineral trend.

“Vitastiq shows qualitative information without defining quantitative values; we think it is good to track the general trend of the vitamin or mineral status and to act accordingly.”

Vitastiq displays your vitamin readings as Low, Mild, Good or High; no numerical value is given.