Not sure where to post a question to gatherer data.

I want to know the Year and rough location when people started feeling paint or fatigue. Not looking for any long reply, no paragraphs or sentence, example;

> 2008, 95928 < This is me and my data

Looking for only major symptoms like ME /CFS and closely related issue. and want to keep the description to no more the a very short sentence if one feels the need to extrapolate.

I want to develop a map of some sorts. Where should I post this question ?

Rufous McKinney

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The title isn't going to lead to anyone looking for mapping data or spatial data on where we are located or year of ME onset.

maybe if you adjusted the title to include specific terms...

My response:

1963.........95926. (EBV mild for decades)

2018.........93023 ( substantial worsening, new virus added maybe)

vision blue

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Curious what youvwill do with the map??and are you relating year to location or is that for two different maps?

I guess the problem with the poll is that the number of options allowed are limited. If you are ok with general bins, poll would be a good bet. So if 10 options are allowed (can't remember the number) then youd have to divide the country into 10 regions. Ditto date regions

How will you deal with the confound of age? So if the date is 2017, i would think about that very differently if the person was 20 or was 70 Depends i guess what youre after with the year. So eg if you had some theory that Montana in the 90s was a bad place to be...still tho, age gets in the way

If you do go the poll route, being anonymous should give you more. replies. And poll route means too everyone who contributes their data gets reward of seeing the results. Very fair.

Good luck. Sounds like fiun