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(Not ME/CFS-specific) EURORDIS E-Learning Tool - Clinical Trials


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(This isn't about an ME/CFS/similar trial but thought it didn't fit well that well in other forums so thought I'd put it in here. Don't intend to put lots of off-topic threads in here)

[Although this was developed by an organisation for rare diseases, I presume it could be of interest to people involved with organisations for any condition]


Eurordis (European organisation for Rare Diseases) is developing E-learning tools that is hoped will enable patients to become more familiar and more informed about issues relating to medical research. The aim of the e-learning course is to provide a permanent tool available for all Patients Organisation Representatives. In particular, it can answer to urgent needs for training, for example in the case where a clinical study is being planned and POR are invited to contribute.

The first tool relates to clinical trials: http://elearning.eurordis.org/ (or http://www.eurordis.org/content/e-learning )

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