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non-fish sources of omega 3?


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australia (brisbane)
are many using krill oil. Advertising says that 1 krill oil tablet is equal to 6 normal fish oil tabs? Less tablets to swallow is a bonus. I have heard that for health benefits of fish oil that 9 tabs a day are needed which is alot, so possibly we could replace the fishoil with 1 krill oil tab twice a day? Its probably just pumped up advertising but have read that few people using fishoil didnt really get that much relief from arhtritis but after a couple of days of krill oil, their arthritis symptoms improved greatly??



Senior Member
Wetumpka Alabama
Ground flaxseeds are very good, have to be ground or they go right through you. I add them to a lot of things and salad. I grind the flax on top. I found a grinder online cheap. A pepper mill will not work the seeds are too small. I also take krill oil.