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Nominating David Tuller and the Pulitzer prize for journalism


Senior Member
I have been thinking since his articles came out it would be good to nominate David Tuller for a pulitzer prize for investigative journalism but the deadline was closed for 2015 in January 2016.



I thought because it was not in a newspaper that it would be ineligible but websites count also. Need to look into this.

Entries will open again in December 2016.


Fine, thank you
I think I asked about this a while back (can't remember who I asked) and was told that journalists nominate themselves!

But looking at that info page, I see:

Pulitzer said:
Entries may be made by news organizations submitting the work of their staffs, by individual journalists of their own work, or by readers or other interested individuals.

Edit: Note:

Pulitzer said:
In any category, online material must be published on an eligible website during the calendar year.

So we couldn't now submit his original article.


Senior Member
Been thinking about this.

I think given most of his articles were published in very late Oct 15 the deadline of Jan 16 was to soon.

It would also not have been fully recognised by the judges the full impact of his work given recent events unfolding.

His work is a continuation of trial by error as seen by the follow up 2016 articles.

I also see it costs 50 USD each to submit the nomination. Therefore it is best done by organisations such as our charities who represent thousands of patients and those itself would have more impact on the judges. Clark Ellis did a sterling job in getting the charities organised.

It really would give this story a global spotlight and even more attention than we are getting.

Anyway last years deadline would have been difficult to meet and now we have 6 months !!!


Rebel without a biscuit
I'd be happy to see D Tuller get the pulizer but there are also other awards that might be appropriate too although they seem to all follow the same time frame (Dec nomination-spring award).
An example of another award would be this: https://www.nasw.org/awards

Because the DT articles dealt with a specific research paper we might want to consider nominating (through an advocacy group?) other science writers for awards such as J Rehmeyer and others. Here is another award option: