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Jessie 107

Senior Member
I have just had eight days in a row of no PEM and it has been just so nice, this has never happened to me before.
But today I have woken up not feeling so good :(, I can get out of bed though so I am grateful for that .I am also grateful for having the last eight days of feeling reasonably well. Oh well back down to earth!


Senior Member
I don't think you had no PEM exactly. Your damaged aerobic system has been adequate to the demands made on it which is great, but if you go over the limit, or something is going on in your body, you might not be able to do tomorrow what you could do today.

I know people who have managed to keep under the limit and have a fairly decent life so I hope it continues for you.:)

I only say this, because people (including myself) have made the mistake of thinking the illness has gone away rather than been managed and ended up much sicker but good luck and look after yourself.