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No energy

I am really struggling with having no energy. I do have mild CFS and fibromylgia. I need to continue to work as by myself with mortgage.

I live in the UK so drs wont entertain stimulant medication as advocated in alot of research. Can anyone make any recommendations like know of private drs or online resourses. Many thanks
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Take a look at Cordyceps extract on Amazon. It can help with energy and so can any cytokine altering supplements. You do need to know which ones to take to get the greatest effects. CFS is about autoimmunity and resulting inflammation and countering those can be helpful.

The Self Hacked website has articles on supplements which affect cytokines and is a good resource once you know what you are looking for. Therefore do a bit of reading and research on these things.
150 gram
75 gram which might be worth starting with to see if it works. Look at the other cytokines because anything that you can do to improve them should be helpful. I have tried others by Time and those were useless BTW. The polysaccharides that they promote are largely from the growth medium and are not of any value.
Tried so many supplements.
Really struggling mentally as can't do the things I want to. No energy, sleeping 20hrs after working a day Quality of live going down.
Please, no supplement advice, so much money spent already for little benefits


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I believe you can get a prescription for amphetamines in the UK. I imagine it's just a matter of calling or asking around to find a sympathetic/knowledgeable physician. I am not in the UK, but in the US, ME/CFS physicians will usually prescribe amphetamines to patients. In the US, it also possible to get a legal prescription for methamphetamine, but am not sure about the UK. In any case, it is safer to stick with regular amphetamines (adderall) versus methamphetamine.

The legal status of amphetamines varies significantly internationally by specific substance: in the UK amphetamine is a Class B controlled substance (which can be used legally as prescribed by a doctor but is considered illegal outside that use)
Thank you JB.I don't know if that simple as know tight controls under their GMC registeration and NHS.If anyone knows anyone in the midlands please private message me