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NMN: Lab testing NMN Products (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)


Senior Member
Dear fellow users,
I would like to inquire if there have been previously done third party and independant NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) purity/quantity tests.

There have been new brands popping up with 15g NMN as low as 49 GBP.

IF there have not been third party tests done before - I would like to select a brand that is available in the US and EUROPE with promising price and "authentic" manfufacturer for testing.

I am generally having most of my substances tested by Janoshik Analytical in CZ.
Others labs are possible as well - depending on their price! But Janoshik was tested with blind samples already that were identified correctly - so I trust him.

The quote I received from Janoshik:

"unfortunately, it would be quite expensive - 350 Euro, as the analysis would require me to purchase standard sample, which alone is 240 Euro. It would check quantity (which in raw powder translates to purity)."

Meaning, the first test will cost 350€ and the next NMN product could be tested for 110€ (as the pharmaceutical sample is already purchased)

Would there be interested users to share the costs? We can select a NMN product that I or any of you will purchase and send 2-3 samples to CZ. I can take this job but anyone else can.

I am looking to share the test with the public.
This way, we could ensure on a more affordable NMN product to have the actual high quality content.

I might also want to post this on the Forum longecity. The more people contribute, the cheaper it would be and also the more products we could test.

Feel free to also propose a different lab with cheaper price quote - if available!