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NIH 5 year research centers


Senior Member
So another five years, then as we now know, it takes the NIH another three years or more to publish their findings. Then another year for the journals to publish the results. That takes us to 2032, with no guarantee of anything.
Where is the focus on drug trials ? Where is the help for those suffering now, and for whom decades have gone by without any intervention.
What a bizarre situation. In all honesty it wouldn't surprise me if they conclude in 2032 - GET and CBT are effective treatments for this illness.
I know others will see the glass half full - you are welcome to do so, I don't really care, because my glass is broken beyond repair.
So the centers have to apply again every 5 years. Here is what the NIH wants them to study this time

Identification of potential triggers or modifiers of immune responses or immune cell metabolism that contribute to ME/CFS; application of current methodologies (e.g., immune phenotyping) or computational modeling to better characterize human immune responses triggered in ME/CFS.