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Night Pain


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At night my back and spine and head are so inflamed, I can't sleep at all anymore.

Any suggestions?
I don't have much pain throughout the day, funnily.


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The only thing I’ve found that relieves my spine pain besides lieing down all day is a salonpas patch


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Chiropractor fixed up my spine pain. have them do some xrays and evaluate your spine so they know what you're dealing with but a lot of what my chiro does is bend the spine side to side hard causing many small snapping noises in the spine. he also uses a TENS machine and big ice packs to reduce spine inflammation. the last few times ive seen my chiro we've been doing dry needling of the spine and i think its helping but the other three things i mentioned were all we did for the longest time and that was enough.
I also manage spine pain by bending spine side to side, especially focus on getting the part of the spine thats hurting to bend and hearing those minor snaps, after that the pain of that area seems to decrease. also sit indian style and grab the knees and pull hard, use them to pull center of spine forward while arching back as much as possible with the upper part of back pulling back at different angles to stretch different parts of the spine. to fix pain in base of spine lie flat and bring knees up around belly button height but pointed out to the sides of body with feet a foot or two apart and, keeping your knees as low to the ground as possible and still pointed as directly out to the side as you can with the feet still 1-2ft apart, bring them from belly button height to around a foot below base of spine, you should feel some stuff being pulled around base of spine as you do it, might ask the chiropractor before trying this kind of thing to make sure your spine is ok to handle that sorta stuff though i dont know if there are any conditions out there that would be hurt by stretching spine. i havent had to see my chiro in half a year or so because my spine pains been managed from constantly stretching my spine as i mentioned and also lying on a non memory foam bed or at least a non memory foam pillow when spine pain gets bad. you could also look up other spine exercises or get a chiro to show you some.

memory foam matress seriously alleviates back pain for me, memory foam makes spine condition worse than a regular bed but chiropractor compensates for that. memory foam toppers dont do as well as a matress as even 3inch topper lets pressure points from the bed below through after a time, also they are much worse on the spine than a memory foam mattress. you might also try other kinds of mattress toppers as i dont know if regular toppers help or not, or try other kinds of mattress than the one you have

Sleeping pills for sleep: melatonin, black cherry juice, trazodone, benadryl, cyclobenzaprine, theanine, cherry juice, hydroxyzine, belsomra are all things ive had success with though ive used them at different times, some no longer working for me, and seldom use two on same night.
i also use z drugs like zolpidem but only use them every 4th day so i dont form a habit. probs wanna stay away from benzo's as many with cfs have had very bad results with them and have also gotten addicted.
you can see an ENT/sleep specialist/psychiatrist to get rx sleeping pills, no rx needed for the otc ones i mentioned
do your reading about side effects for any sleep meds to know what youre getting into

Maybe see a pain specialist though dont get hooked on opiates or anything. there are otc pain relievers. maybe you need some kind of antiinflammatory for your inflammation but i dont know where you would get that.
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