Newly refined test from the Whittemore Peterson Institute



"The newly refined test uses a virus culture methodology that yields more reliable results in one test at a lower cost to patients.

I don't hear a description of a NEW Viral culture test. Seems to me they would have given more clarification on the specifics of a "New and improved test", if it were indeed new. I need to find out how it's different/better than the one I did in October?


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Time Tunnel

Yes that's the one! :victory::victory::victory:

Welcome to limbo ...

That's one mystery solved then! (for me at least) :Retro smile:

Funny, Iv'e never seen Time tunnel :rolleyes: - although I do remember Lost In Space by the same creators.

I chose the picture to represent the limbo we are currently in with XMRV in particular, but also the limbo of being a CFS patient in general having to put your life on hold.
Off to watch some Time Tunnel clips on You Tube :Retro wink: