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New Zealand shoe project fighting high suicide rates


Senior Member
I have to admit, I was a bit frustrated that they "stole" our idea, however I am not sure if millions missing came up with the idea of the shoe-protest themselves or got it from some other campaign. On top of May now being "mental health month" now this (yes, I know we don't own the month).

It was a good image for us, due to so many people not being well enough to attend protests, and if it gets taken-over by the mental health movement we might have to stop using it, as it will be just confusing for people. I know I am being a bit grumpy about this, but so many other groups have so much more money and help than us and it is frustrating if we can't have something for ourselves for once. I suppose my view is a bit coloured by the fact that I am not convinced a lot of the campaigning on mental health is doing any good.