new Virology podcast on XMRV


All shall be well . . .
Santa Rosa, CA
thank yous

Thanks so very much, George. I so enjoy your explanations. You make them understandable (not saying that I personally understand :), but . . .) and very interesting. I imagine your expositions with little happy line drawings of viruses doing their magic. Instead of your posts feeling scary, you make them a bit enchanting. I almost forget that we don't really like that XMRV retrovirus, we're just so happy to have a name for this critter that we love seeing him around. Interesting, huh?

And thank you, Kim, for keeping us up to date on so many articles, postings and videos. I just checked YouTube yesterday, and there were no new videos. I'm glad you're on top of it.

Thanks again for all you both are doing.



New virology podcast - Vincent Racaniello talks about the IC XMRV study at ~ -37 minutes into the program (the minutes show up as minuses) and goes until -31:44. Tate (of Co-Cure notoriety) got a shout out from Vince for sending in the information.

Both groups are getting involved in a "You said", "I said", "You did", "I did" kind of argument now, which is kind of depressing. They're all being defensive, which is too bad because the real issue here is to help patients, right?