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New neuropathy??

So after 2 years of generalized fatigue I start experiencing twitching(mostly in feet, but other places) and now a week into this from my knee down on both legs I feel faint numbness, some tingling and some pain. While I understand there is no normal...is this part of the program(lol). I will also say I definitely feel my nervous system very ramped up since this started. Can’t be sure what started first. The sad thing is...I had been feeling better...as close to normal as I can be. 2018 was better than 2017...I thought process. Anyway...as usual any similar situations or feedback here can be comforting.


Senior Member
Burning, sparking, crawling nerves were one of my presenting symptoms with my CFS, and 15 years later those symptoms are still with me.

Do make sure your Vitamin B12 in your blood is optimal. If it is too low you can end up with symptoms such as you describe. Also, don't take too much Vitamin B6 or you can also get those kind of symptoms.

I hope it goes away and you continue to improve!


Northern USA
Northern USA
I would think that more medical advising on this, would be appropriate, than we can give here at the forum.

We just wouldn't know.
And myself am uncomfortable with guesses for you.

I think it warrants some input from doctors.
Perhaps a neurologist, or a rheumatologist.

Maybe it is something else.
Maybe it is something else that is diagnosable,
maybe something treatable.

Or maybe at the least, they could rule some things out for you.
Or tell you what to watch for , that would be red flags for some other condition.

I don't know how any of us could give the comforting reassurance that you ask for.
I am sorry you are having the difficulties, though!
Take care.


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Sth Australia
It could be a vitamin B deficiency. The neurological issues deficiency's can start out in the hands and feet and then spread moving up the arms or legs. Blood tests are not always accurate as far as B deficiencies go