New Jersey Conference


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Really great report on the conference Kim!

I am a bit jealous that the Northwest has no ME/CFS doctors or researchers. Dr. Robert Bennett at OHSU has been one of the most recognized FM specialists, but I can not find anyone who deals with ME/CFS.

Amazing since looking at the history it seems that the Portland area support group brought the term CFIDS into existance and was a major force until it disbanded.

Also the WPI research contained samples from Oregon, what doctors were those samples taken from and sent to WPI or into Dr. Petersons long term biobank?

I wonder if it was Dr. Mark Loveless who is mentioned as having run the OHSU AIDS and CFS Clinic in 1995. It seems that CFS is no longer mentioned and it is only an HIV/AIDS Clinic and that CFS patients are referred to the Psychiatry (Adult Faculty Practice) Clinc from their Health Topic page on CFS (was it Dr. L working in AIDS and CFS that got the ID into CFS, thus CFIDS?).

A clear departure from Dr. Loveless' view that is quoted on a number of CFS sites "Dr. Mark Loveless, an infectious disease specialist who runs an AIDS and CFS clinic at OHSU, stated that a CFIDS patient feels every day significantly the same as an AIDS patient feels two months before death. His statement was supported by data from clinical research conducted at OHSU and by the experience of other CFS experts."

It seems our local teaching hospital and research center has succumb to the Reeves/Wessley view and might as well be part of the British NHS.:(