new Jason research on activity logs


Activity logs as a measure of daily activity among patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Authors: Jason, L.A., Timpo, P., Porter, N., Herrington, J., Brown, M., Torres-Harding, S., & Friedberg, F. (2009).

Journal: Journal of Mental Health, 18, 549-556.

Background: Self-report data collected through interviews has been one
of the primary ways of assessing symptoms of patients with chronic
fatigue syndrome (CFS). An alternative way to collect data involves
activity logs, which involves patients writing down the pattern,
intensity, and qualitative nature of activity over several days.

Aims: We examined the associations between activity, evaluation of
activity and symptoms.

Methods: Activity log data over a two day period of time were used in
the present study using a sample of patients with diagnosed CFS.

Results: Findings indicated that the percent of time spent feeling
fatigued was positively associated with a higher percent of time in
pain and doing activities that were fatiguing. However, time spent in
meaningful activities was associated with less fatigue.

Conclusions: These findings and others suggest that activity logs can
provide investigators and clinicians with valuable sources of data for
understanding patterns of behavior and activity among patients with CFS.

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