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new info on gamma retroviruses XMRV



I came across this study Novel mechanisms for retroviral restriction by dewanniex and collins J virol Oct 2008

it is long and complex! but this is the bottom line

endogenous retroviruses which have been in our DNA for millions of years can express their own env protein which interferes with the env protein expressed by the infective virus such as xmrv.This only seems to work for Gamma retroviruses and doesn,t happen if the AIDS virus infects for example ---So the superinfectivity theory is not supported by this info_Overall this "natural defence" reduces the infectivity of the incoming virus because a great many new viroids have the "tame" env protein.

The other clever bit is that an infecting gamma virus can" Highjack" the genes of its endogenous cousins to make proteins that it does not code for--This is another potential method how XMRV could deplete glutathione and tgf-beta 1 levels

tricky eh!


Gerwyn, what is the superinfectivity theory?

And is the above research good or bad news?

thnx Adam

We dont seem to suffer colds or flu when at our worst some have proposes that we have a virus that protects against any future infections but here it shows that this only works against closely related viruses. A lot of people have poo pood the idea that xmrv can deplete proteins in the immune system because its too simple --but if it gets help from its buddies this is a cleverway of doing it and potentially silence the skeptics