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New fundraising project "Give Once a Month to ME campaign"


Senior Member
There is a new fundraising project:
"Give Once a Month to ME campaign"

We’re on a roll! $1 million raised for END ME/CFS in just a few months. $750,000 for the Lipkin microbiome work. $680,000 for the Norwegian rituximab research. $940,000 for the UK rituximab and microbiome studies.

All raised by patients and our supporters. Big donations, small donations, all adding up to a total of $3.4 million (£2.2 million, €3.0 million) in a very short time.

But we need to do more. As for all diseases, we’ll have to raise the lion’s share of research funding ourselves. It’s in our power to speed up the rate of progress.


Strength in numbers! More of us donating, more often, bringing in more people, more cash, and inspiring those big, one-off donors to join in and get our projects over the touchline.

And the faster that research gets done, the faster our governments will jump aboard to build on the new findings.

So join the Give Once a Month to ME campaign. On the first day of each month, we’ll issue a reminder to give, to rope others in and to help spread the word. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to give every month – just encouraging others will be great.

We suggest supporting END ME/CFS, the Lipkin microbiome work at Columbia, and the UK rituximab study, or indeed any high-quality biomedical research project.

So let’s start today – let’s donate, and start that monthly habit!


Senior Member
I really like this idea - I will do my small dontation tonight to join this movement - spread the word about :)


Fine, thank you
I think this is a really good idea. I already donate on the first of every month (this is a good reminder that today is the first of the month!) because I think that it's good to donate steadily throughout the year in small amounts than one whacking great amount a year (which can be offputting).

And I've given to all of those three causes listed in the past and no doubt will again.

Donating once a month gives you the option of seeing what catches your eye at the time as the best project and allows you to support several. Fortunately we've got a number of good projects on the go now.