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New ASI Test - more confused

Before engaging in a new treatment for the issues i have i took ASI and a new CDSA test.

Prior the ASI test i stopped any adrenal supplements for two weeks: vitC, zinc, B5, D3....

BUT Several days prior the ASI test i started eating “wrong foods” to be able to have stool by my own for CDSA test. That is bread potatoes some sweets even bit beer....some diary... which i hardly tolerate otherwise. So high glicemic (insulin) high histamine high toxins...it was just to be able to take the stool test. But maybe was wrong?

To my surprise the results showed high cortisol / low DHEA/low sigA and higher cortisol at night. 2 years ago test showed low cortisol and low dhea. the symptoms were more or less he same. :confused:Besides low adrenals i have a lot of gut issues: chronic Hpylori candida SIBO parasites...diagnosed before the curent CDSA.

Q1: is it possible that these foods (and the effects they have in my body) screwed the ASI results? How much can i rely on this curent test if I introduced these “ stressors”? I know that due to gut issues i have high inflammation, high histamine...

Q2: would i be able to use some adaptogenic to lower my cortisol at night? Or phospatil...? Not sure about taking DHEA to support low level or even pregnenolone. Afraid they would convert in something different i dont need with these ongoing inflammation ...

Q3: could I presume that (since i have chronic infections at least 4-5 years) adrenals sacrifice all other hormones to produce cortisol for fighting inflammation.

Can someone help with high / low cortisol symptoms? Now I feel I have both :) I presume other issues with hormones are involved

Any input appreciated


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Midwest USA
I would look at DHEA and phosphatidylserine. Both of these are appropriate for either low or high cortisol states (provided DHEA tests low).
Thank you for feedback "guys"
@Ema -
You're right i was thinking als of supplementing dhea but i'm really afraid of side effects. do you have any experience with it? what form did you use? read that dhea could easily transform in estrogen if inflammation is high.

never tried phosphtil...but read mixed views. some people reported the opposite effect?

@Helen -
- i tried solving the gut issues several times but after each "session" i was back bedbound. Something was missing and found new issue each "6 months". Detox and Constipation is a big issue either because infections inflammation low adrenal low liver function....

Caledonia's guide is indeed quite excellent but i also feel i need a good practitioner to guide me a bit. keeping a clean diet is a real challenge here. I'll put a message with my results on the gut forum to get some feedback or experience. Its almost 5 years now...
Thanks again
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