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Neurological symptom medication


Senior Member

A lot of us have sensory storms and even siezures. I found that after looking into Dr Chenney and reducing NMDA activity with Clonezapam really worked for me. I get really over stimulated and anxious.

My problem is that its not working that well even at higher doses. I dont want to keep bumping the dose and was wondering if any of you have expeience with a different med to add to this one or exchange with another.

I may try gabapentin again but want some feedback on other meds to combine with clonezapam to stop the sensory storms..i take high dose magnesium too...

Any help would be appreciated.

sarah darwins

Senior Member
Cornwall, UK
There's a ton of threads here on clonazepam — opinions very from 'helpful' to 'the devil's work'.


One thing I think everyone agrees on — higher and higher doses are not a good idea at all. People seem to become tolerant to it over time. Withdrawal can be hell. It was very helpful to me for a few years at low dose, and I was able to taper off it without problems, but some people have had dreadful, long-lasting problems from it. Worth reading through all those threads, many of which refer to Cheney and some of which have suggestions for alternates.