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Neuroimmune flares following sleep: any more insights?


Senior Member
Hi, Eric. I think the older we get the harder sleep becomes for us. Although having said that, my husband (almost 79) can fall asleep as soon as sits down....which isn't often. Still, he think it's a bad night to wake up once to urinate.

Me, there are nights (many) when I sit in another room doing something to keep me busy until I feel that I can fall asleep. Part of my problem has always been sleep related and sinus problems don't help.

I found it helped (finally) to ignore how I slept, how many hours and just get up and live as best I can. I had a period about 2 yrs. ago where sleep was incredibly elusive. It didn't matter what I took or didn't. In my case it comes from the brainstem....and nothing can be done. It just is.

I wish you better nights....I know what the alternative is like. Funny thing is that I'm more alert when I don't sleep as much. Why? Yours, Lenora
I have no problems falling asleep quickly and staying asleep, I have problems when sleeping that are very heavy dreams, accelerated heart rate, palpitations in the head... that added to more symptoms that in the morning when I wake up leave me worse that the night before before I fell asleep