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Neurobiological idea for some of the psychiatric stuff maybe?


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my idea

Here is how the NA+ K+ pump works in a nutshell

Here is an idea. I talked to a leading psychiatrist/neuroscientist about this idea in Seattle 3 days ago about this. He said it could explain a lot. Nobody really knows yet though he said. I'm taking to another psychiatrist about this on thursday who knows some stuff about biophysics and studied the disfunction of the NA+ K+ pump disfunction in Bipolar. He probably can't help but it's worth a shot.

I'm also in a dialog with a professor of behavioral neuroscience at my universities neuroscience dept that I'm too sick to be at lol. I'm going to run this by him.If anybody knows it's him. I have a contact list of PhD level molecular biologist, geneticist, biochemist and neuroscientist I can run questions by if anybody has any good ones. Anyone else had moderate/severe depression, suicidal thoughts, brain fog almost like dementia and dissociation type stuff?


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What's going on here.

One post and you are a senior member?

Definitely feel an introduction is necessary.


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he was born as a senior member. get over it.
yeah I'm pretty sure my Na/K-pump is inhibited. I overreact to Na+ as well as potassium. Even teeny tiny doses give me overdose symptoms. The only time I can tolerate teeny tiny doses of potassium is when I have a deficiency. I get bloated, arythmia, brain fog and incredible thirst together with muscle paralyses and I'm bed ridden during this time. Even my blood panel shows the potassium deficiency, but I still only need little dosage to fix it.


dont know what to ask your special contacts except of how this can be fixed...
well I know besides K and Li those pumps need B6 (sorry too tired to look up the reference, but it exists) and maybe B12.


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Brisbane, Australia
I don't know how it would work but check out if aspects of it can relate to left renal compression. This is seen to be a cause of some cases of juvenile CFS and also autonomic dysfunction in any patient group but I've not looked to see if the renal sodium:potassium pump is also impaired with it or how much contribution it has elsewhere in the body other than to find out that LRV compression can also affect adrenal function from increased venous pressure and part of causing autonomic dysfunction and aldosterone as a function of the adrenals is a factor in regulation of Na+, K+ ATPase.