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Neurbiological mechanism behind anorexia/self starvation found in mouse


Contaminated Cell Line 'RustyJ'
Mackay, Aust
Neurbiological mechanism behind anorexia/self starvation found in mouse
October 25, 2011

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have found inborn traits in mice, which might explain why some individuals are more prone to develop anorexia/self starvation than others. A study showing that genetic defects in the cells power plant, the mitochondria, might cause the neurons in the feeding center of the brain to die, when they are exposed to starvation, is published today in the scientific journal PNAS.

A study from Karolinska Institutet, performed in mice, shows that anorexia/self starvation could be associated with genetic defects causing malfunction of the cells power plants, the mitochondria. The study shows that this mitochondrial defect might make the neurons in the feeding center of the brain extra sensitive to oxidative stress, a biochemical reaction caused by free radicals. The researchers observed that these nerve cells are shut down and might even die.


Another green bottle falls off the wall for the psykes.

Seriously though my ex-wife developed bulemia and I wonder sometimes if there was connection between it and ME. It is interesting that they are saying dysfunctioning mtochondria could be to blame.


Seattle, Washington
I have slow onset cfs/me. There was a time when I was barely eating anything and was really drawn to stressful activities. I now believe that this was the case because it biologically helped my body battle inflammation in my brain.

Self starvation causes cortisol to rise (in order to stabilize blood sugar), this is anti inflammatory and can uplift mood.

I remember if I just sat around and relaxed I would feel groggy and depressed, but if I kept extremely busy and didn't eat much I felt great. You can guess the long term negative effects of that lifestyle!