Nettle and Chamomile


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Nettle is a h2 blocker, so that makes sense for your mcas. I have only take peppermint tea myself, which is a h1 anti histamine. It also reduced swelling in my throat due to the menthol.

I did try to get nettle tea but was not successful :(

I also found out rosehip tea has the best anti bacterial action for throat infections.

So all I know is your thinking is sound, it should help calm down your mcas and I personally take the Solgar Quercitin capsules when I am having a weird flare up it definitely calms down an all body allergic reaction - which is very similar to an MCAS reaction.


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We used to use brigham and nettle together for my Mom's allergies. The brigham is a natural sudafed (ephedra) so may be overstimulating for some but we only used a pinch of each when her nose was plugged.

The brigham got very hard to find after many companies discontinued selling it. However, it can still be found once in a while as leaves on ebay. It makes a nice tasting tea.

Nettle is also good for the kidneys but very high in vitamin K1 which can be contraindicated for people on blood thinners.