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need help interpreting genova 3 day results, overwhelmed


Senior Member
i had misdx'd giardia for 2 years

metronidazole (sp) didn't work AT ALL
took tindamax 2x (worked)
2 very long rounds of xifaxan...maybe 2-3 weeks, can't remember

i eat a very hf diet and i drank alcohol during one of the samples...so i think the fat malabsorption is a bit overrated
my blood trigs are super low

aeromonas caviae i know how to treat...i think im going to take bactrim
the rest no idea
yogurt, acv shots, vit c, digestive enyzymes....kombucha (???)
i have low stomach acid

fwiw i think xifaxan is a scam lol
i took tindamax 2x bc i drank kombucha and had a MAJOR flare up afterwards, which in retrospect was prob a. caviae.


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