Nausea, vomiting after climbing staircase or exertion

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Does it feel like you get an increase in pressure inside your head? Could be worth looking into intracranial hypertension, and note this can be caused by lots of things, some known and some unknown to science.

Known ones include things that block the blood or CSF flow going out of the head (e.g. blocked jugular veins, chiari)
How might one figure out cause of intracranial hypertension? Whats the full tange of possibilities for blocking cfs from leaving?

I had an eye doc vidit with dilation do something with loads of signs of intracranial hypertension. Presumably already there but something happened to make it much much worse and would like to see if i can figure lutvwhat.
I have this too, after sitting too long or going for more than 100 Meters.
I was looking here in the forum for a while now and finally found a thread with this question ...
But still it is a mystery why though or what can be done against it :-(
At least mine isnt provoking vomiting
Would love to understand this or have some answers...