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Nausea and appetite issues

Hi all,

I am roughly 5 and a half months post viral onset, assumed to be covid but having a viral panel done to test for others soon.

So I have managed to get my symptoms mostly down to just fatigue and brain fog but for no real reason, nausea randomly returns with a sensation of a full stomach and not wanting to eat anything, this sometimes includes looser stools but not always.

These feel very much like active virus symptoms and they can completely go away, the nausea and gut stuff tends to reactivite when I increase activity but the fatigue is unaffected.

I recently added l Carnatine and lysine back in and have stopped taking Ala as it was affecting my sleep, I seem to do best in a basic vitamin stack with some glutathione and that's about it.

I really don't know what is going on, I have had these problems throughout the virus and just when I think they have gone for good they start to come back, albeit not as bad.

I'm very confused and don't really know what to do about it.
Nausea and GI symptoms were the first symptoms and have been the most consistent and prevelent throughout the whole illness.. Along with the life destroying fatugue..

These feel like they could be sickness behaviours brought on my cytokines... Who knows, just wondered if anyone can help me work this out


Senior Member
@Ronagrenade2020 I had Covid too, and my gut symptoms (loose stools and some bloating) started in March, before the respiratory symptoms and fever (April 2nd)
Okay so I "got better". I did feel quite good for 2-3 weeks except a bit weak in the legs. But wow...I could eat anything.
Then the gut symptoms returned, which are a bit IBS-like though not as dramatic as IBS. I get good days (a stretch of a number of days) when everything is totally normal, then it comes back.
Yet fingers crossed, the more time has gone by, the symptoms have improved greatly. I now have two-thirds good days with my belly, and one third bad or not-quite-right days,

I know we are all so different so don't want to tell you things that may or may not happen to you.
I took nothing for it all, except my normal vitamins & minerals. I tried to stick to the low FODMAP diet, but then found some high FODMAP things made no difference to me, at all when I was okay. I also found that when having a bad day, even some of the low FODMAP foods upset my belly.
So I just went with the flow, just doing symptomatic treatments whenever needed (simple herbal things like Meadowsweet, Peppermint and ginger, which helped a lot.)
And being flexible with my diet when needed (days of white rice, steamed nettles, green beans, plain steamed fish, hard boiled eggs, bananas etc) Then when I got normal days, just ate my normal diet.

I had three stool tests. one for hidden blood, the other for calprotectin and one for lactoferrin. All three normal. So there's no inflammation of any kind.
I don't know how you feel about that, but getting those tests may be helpful? They are completely non-invasive.

I am definitely improving re: post-Covid stuff anyway.