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Nasal polyps


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australia (brisbane)
Unsure if i have this problem but it can be mistaken with chronic sinusitis or both together. SOme stuff i have been reading is that nasal steriod sprays like nasonex can help and cure some polyps, dont know if thats a big call or not?? I have found nasonex helpful but have only used it for a few weeks at a time to get sinuses draining again. Im thinking that maybe i need to stay on it a few months and see what happens. I need to talk to my doc some more about this and more testing/ ct scan of sinuses. antibiotic doxycycline is controlling this and keeping the bad head pressure away but still have alot of post nasal drip and sneezes etc going on, also the winter bug over here going through everyone and i have just had a sore throat the last few days, although im functioning ok for it so far.

Opinions and experiences please,



Mad Genius
Polyps are usually treated by surgical approach.
In case of chronic sinusitis, chronic antritis\maxillitis\highmoritis should be excluded.
In case of chronic antritis\maxillitis\highmoritis teeth condition should be studied\investigated.
If there are no teeth related troubles, complex therapy approach with physiotherapy should be used to cure the chronic antritis\maxillitis\highmoritis, esp. sinuses procedure washings with strong antiseptics or\and local special antibiotics. For such washings special vacuum devices exist, which can do this through nostrils.
Typical CT is a good choise for figuring out the situation..

Headache and head pressure not always needed to be fixed during acute infection phase. That is a normal body raction on acute infectious process.


Senior Member
Just speculation heaps - at the time of severe sinus infections (affecting the ears too) I noticed a curious difference between a pus filled boil which came to the surface at the side of the nose (an drained away as normal) and some "lumps" within the nose which behaved like a herpes infection. They were very sore indeed, seemingly a hard core and opened like all previous herpes simplex infections experienced around the mouth. The few "lumps" are still there but hopefully benign now. I'd suggest anything to keep the sinuses functioning correctly but am personally certain of a viral infection - one that affects nerve endings in the first place. So I think I'm suggesting consider viral and bacterial infections.