Narcotic (Opioid) Pain Medications Relieve Some of my Neurological ME/CFS Symptoms


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I’ve now gotten some personal experience with DMSO. After the recent posts above, I bought 3 types at 2 strengths with and without Aloe, at 75% and 100% strengths - the good stuff. The bottom line for me, with Neuropathic pain, in my feet and legs, some of the worst pain reported, was no palliative affect, only topical burning with the 100% pharmaceutical grade products.

I got some 5 star reviewed stuff on with Aloe at 75% strength. It felt nice but Nada as far as relieving the deep, burning, stabbing pain in my feet. I also used it on muscle pain - maybe some slight relief.

Then I bought at, a specialized shop, pharmaceutical grade roll on and 100% strength, pure grade gel with no additives. The roll on was easier to use but way more expensive. It had no effect on my feet but maybe some muscle relief on neck and shoulders.

Finally, the pure DMSO gel, 40 oz came in a slimy, egg white like gel that is almost greasy, and really messy. It smells lightly of solvent, which I understand that it is! It had no pain relieving affect on my feet. In fact it burned everywhere I put it - on aching muscles, where it may have had some pain relieving affect. It cautioned not to get it in your eyes; and I would caution not to get it anywhere you don’t want burn. It soils the sheets when used before bed. In fact, I had to wash my hands after using it, which I continue to do.

Lastly, if you really want to experiment with ‘fire’ add pure, pharmaceutical grade magnesium to the application. Yeow! All it did for me, on top of or on before DMSO was to increase the burn. Plus, it leaves a salty residue on your skin that needs wiping off, lest you look like you’ve been at the beach for a week, or dirty - yuk!

These are the brief, net results of my own 3 week trial, which I may continue to experiment with by adding Aloe to the 100% stuff. Try DMSO with or without magnesium at your own risk. Individual mileage may vary.
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