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MYCOTOXIN Lab results are back , please help!


Senior Member
Southern California
I have attached the test results. Basically Aflatoxin and Gliotoxin are elevated and Trichothecene is Equivocal... Based on some reading on my own I just started taking a small amount of Activated Charcoal and am planning to increase it gradually to 1 capsule (560mg) by next week... I am also looking at Bentonite Clay and Chlorella (if I can tolerate)

Any tips would be appreciated it.... Do you recommend anything else?
How about the time period? How long is one suppose to take them? (assuming they can tolerate) ? Is mold something that can go away in a month or is this a long term (6 months to a year) process? (assuming there is no longer an exposure to mold) ... once the supplements are stopped does it come back? ... I would appreciate any insight .... thanks so much,


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I'm guessing its a 6 month + thing Peyt. I've been on binders for 2 years but I haven't gotten out of exposure.

I like bentonite, which does get aflatoxin, gliotoxin and trichothecene's. Charcoal and chlorella don't get trichothecene's. I think bentonite might not pull out your vitamins also. Plus it gets BPA if I remember right.

Low carb diets are recommended by some mold docs.

If you haven't already, check out Toxic by Neil Nathan. The chapter on mold there is very good.