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My test results

My blood test results indicate I have post exposure to EBV, CMV, and Parovirus IGG.

Everything else tested including lyme was negative.

CMV level - 2.10
Parovirus - 2.37
EBV - 3.0

I can safely safe that majority of my symptoms are caused by these three virus?

I know CMV and EBV are linked to CFS how about parovirus?

Thank you


Senior Member
I don't know about the values of the herpes viruses (others know more about these than me at the moment) but for Parvo that result is probably not something to worry about I would think (though I am not a doctor and you should ask one). My result, which is high, is 20 something. Going off the top of my head (which is not reliable at the moment) I think people with an accute infection often have a result something like 5-8. I think your result probably just suggests that you have immunity to it from having had the infection in the past, which is pretty normal. For interest, here is an article I wrote earlier this year about Parvo B19 and the research that has been done on it and its possible links to ME/CFS:
Yea I guess. I personally believe that majority of my symptoms are related from viral infection I have. CFS is basically ongoing viral infection in my opinion.