My summer "vacation"


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Well, thanks, Mary....I think both daughters get the "drift" of what I was saying. The oldest was kind enough to send plenty of food up, is a marvelous cook, but I'm not even what I was 2 years ago and I think they're having a hard time grasping that.

I don't know if my youngest daughter would let me out of my room for a trip of say a week. Her father, yes, but he cooks, cleans and picks the kids up from school. I make myself very scarce and we always go out for lunch (sometimes take her, if she can go) and I don't eat later anyway. Now she can be a real sweetheart, but is very much like my know math oriented and wants exact answers when sometimes there aren't any. It's black or white, never gray.

She does come into talk to me in the evening, so all is not lost. Visits us often and stays with her sister as often as I can arrange it. Each time she leaves, she bursts into tears. We're just different personality types...I'm more like her daughter's, who she is very close to; exactly the same as we used to be. I often feel like the third wheel.
Nice break for my husband though, as they like the exact same thing and can do it for hours on end. Maybe that's how I should look at it he deserves it. So much is given up. Thanks. Yours, Lenora.