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My ritux experience so far


Senior Member
I had my second infusion about a month ago and was really wiped out until a week ago when things took a swing for the better. Crossing my fingers, but I am functional now.

That is great news and I am very happy to hear it! Thanks for the update.


IG: @crypt0cu1t
I'm very interested in your analysis, it's impressive you talked to so many patients. Can you send me a PM with a summary of what you learned(from talking to them), and which antibodies you tested positive for? I myself have doubts about ME/CFS, im diagnosed with POTS but 1) being unable to access a 2 day cardiopulmonary testing 2) no joint pain whatsoever and 3) my PEM symptoms being mostly cognitive i can't tell if my PEM is "actual" PEM or just increased autoimmunity/inflammation in the brain.

Thanks a lot and i'm glad you are better!
Yours sounds very similar to mine...