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My nightmare story

Ill in September. The contact was with a HIV positive man, I knew nothing about it, betrayed her husband a fool. At the end of August 2017 kissed a lot and was oral sex protected in a condom, sexual contact was not. After kissing lit the whole face on the same day and pinched his tongue, I the same day 4 hours after contact climbed into the Internet to look for disease. I neither could understand how I had anything to catch through kissing as it is unprecedented. And the biggest thing that can be transmitted is herpes. I used to kiss mujchinami but never chuvstvovalos this burning sensation of the face, it balestrino. Next I denpasara terrible weakness, severely sore throat. A week later, swollen lymph node in the neck, pinched tongue, became Terry on the sides and on the tip of the tongue appeared red papillae. A week later, sick cervical and inguinal lymph nodes, then I realized that I was seriously. Then after 3 weeks began a real nightmare opened fetid diarrhea with mucus, pain in the right upper quadrant, pain in the abdomen is very sick, mucous discharge from the vagina, a lump in the throat, suffocation, papular rash in some parts of the body, vision fell all as in the fog saw. Under the breast poured and itched heavily, later itching of the head, moles on the body. Sore back, hands, neck and head and now the symptoms are a burning sensation are preserved. At that time, I thought it was VEB who started scouring websites for the treatment of Epstein Barr virus. Then force your partner to get tested and he was HIV+, he knew the cattle and didn't tell me! Itself rent on the web herpes type 6 and HIV. Web and 6 late-type antibodies, it turns out, when I was ill with these viruses, but no I treat the trust ingaron, alfarano and Valcyte. And H... Nothing is treated. I even fed the child at this time chest and then the nightmare she had symptoms like mine and we went to the hospital with a diagnosis Klebsiella pneumonia and intestinal infection. What I've been going through is how worried I was about the child. My baby barely got out lying under the droppers for 2 weeks with a temperature of 39. in General, treated the trust and all only worsened and in desperation I drank vodka and she called and called psycho brigade voluntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital. And I'll tell you there was hell. You do not know what to do, just become a fool from idleness. The pills that were given there did not help, it was only worse. Started Smoking my whole life and didn't smoke, the shreds began to climb hair,bolnica pimples around the mouth and on the neck, zaedy in the corners of the mouth. Now out of the asylum and 9 months later from infection and pain in the throat, a cotton head and body, weakness, fatigue, burning sensation in the head, back, neck, bolnica bumps on the back, burning tongue white and fluffy. suspect an intervertebral hernia. People turn to you as I go along I am slowly dying.