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My (negative) experience with HBOT

Coimbatore, India
Some quick history - My symptoms of muscle weakness in the eyes and other part of the body started after a LASIK surgery I had in 2011 at age 21. No one could find anything wrong and I slowly worsened.

I read a lot about Hyperbaric Oxygen helping patients of Fibromyalgia and CFS around the middle of last year. I read the Isreali research and the Turkish studies where most of them got better. So I decided to try HBOT.

At this point - August 2016 - my symtpoms were blepharospasms, sever eye spasms and inability to exercise. I was on LDN and it was helping me but slowly losing its efficacy as its stimulative properties were overpowering the help it was giving. I didn't know then that stimulative medcines or therapies were my trigger.

I had just 3 days of therapy. I could have stopped at 2 but I thought maybe it was the Herxheimer reaction that made me feel all wired and sick. But by then end of day 3 I knew I had had the worst flare up ever. I had difficulty breathing, I felt WIRED, couldn't get sleep which made things even more worse. My heart beat and breathing felt like they were out of sync. To summarize, I just felt the worst ever by far.

My personal opinion is I probably went through excitotoxicity. And also that I am in a state of excitotoxicity now. The only thing that helps me now is Clonazepam (and to some extent NMDA antagonists Magnesium and DXM) that I'm trying to use as less as possible and to which I'm bilding a huge tolerance very fast.

I have constant trouble breathing now, terrible spasms in my sinuses and chest. Difficulty swallowing and talking.

I just wanted to inform someone who wishes to try HBOT to avoid it if he is the type that flares up or reacts badly to stimulants and stimulative treatments. I've also had negative results from homeopathic medicines and foot reflexology. Anyhting that stimulates- caffeine, stimulant medication, etc.

Take care.

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