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My Methylation Results

I am just now learning about all of this. My mind is kind of blown. Here are my results:


Here's my interpretation:

MTHFR C677T +/+ (the big one)
Supplement L-5-MTHF.

Various COMTs (+/+, +/+, +/-)
Be wary of having too many methyl groups floating around.
Possibly screen for ADHD?

Various MTRRs (+/-, +/-, +/-)
Supplement hydroxy-b12 (not methyl-b12, since I am COMT +/+)

Various BHMTs (+/-, +/-, +/-)
Supplement lecithin or "Lipophos Forte"

Various CBS (+/-, +/-)
Avoid sulfur, avoid wine, supplement molybdenum

VDR Taq (+/+)
Not sure

MAO-A R297R (+/+)
Not sure

Any review/comments about my analysis?


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Sth Australia
MTHFR C677T +/+ (the big one)

Yeah, a double copy of the worst kind of MTHFR mutation... and that is very probably affecting you some. With mine (same thing), I found its taking a while with the "correct" supplements for improvement, so give it time.. but treating this certainly helped my stamina a bit (and possibly helped some of my other things too).

If you have children.. seeing they will inherit at least one MTHFR mutation gene from you.. make sure they are tested too. MTHFR double copy mutation is not a good thing to have can majorly increase stroke risk, often causes miscarriages at any time during pregnancy and other issues.

Note if you know you have a double copy ..... miscarriages due to this should be preventable as long as the person is on the right supplments.. normal folate is no good! and also baby asprin may be taken too daily)... so it can be essential to know one has this mutation. Treatment also lowers stroke risk as it drops the level of homocysteine this mutation causes (which is what then increases the stroke risk) down.

I found out the hard way of the bad stuff MTHFR can do.. not only was having this untreated making my ME/CFS worst, it also caused me to have a deformed child due to how we cant use folate properly, my daughter was born with an issue similar to spina bifida and had to spend most of her childhood using a wheelchair and is incontinent due to her spinal issue (as I said normal pregnancy folate supplements are no good for a woman pregnant with this and of cause she needs the folate even more then a normal person does). She's got major health trouble for LIFE due to my untreated mutation during pregnancy.

Anyway.. do make sure you have your children tested if you have them, so you can prevent them from getting future issues. (my young 20s children refuse to get themselves tested as at that age they are kind of seeing themselves as invincible and have risked pregnancies untreated if they have a double copy. I wish I'd known about my mutation when they were still a home so I could of got them tested). One of my grandchildren appears to very likely have Autism (there is a link between that and MTHFR).

Various CBS (+/-, +/-)
Avoid sulfur, avoid wine, supplement molybdenum

A hair may show you being low in molybdenum... my level on a hair test (I have CBS mutation too) was almost nil. (note babies die with no molybdenum so Im sure it cant be at all good for us to have almost nil levels if this is the case). Supplementing with molybdenum helped my brain. I gained back after 5 days of supplementing (with molyzinc) my ability to do basic maths in my head again which was something I hadnt been able to do for YEARS.

VDR Taq double copy. 4-5 of us on this forum were discussing issues we'd found we had with Lithium and lithium deficiency. I cant even get my level to show on testing even on normal amounts of dietary supplementation tablets for a year on it... and then someone noticed we all tof us having issues with this had had a DOUBLE copy of the VDR Taq mutation (the single copy people seem to be fine with this). If this is just a coincidence, it is a huge coincidence. Due to this Im going to say that you too may be deficient in lithium (something which would show up with hair testing if our theory it is affecting that is correct).

I personally suggest hair testing to show your levels of both these things. I was supplementing molybdenum due to my hair testing deficiency.. for several years before I even found out I had the CBS. It was good to finally find out WHY I had that deficiency.
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