My first appointment with Dr Susan Levine


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Vermont, school in Western MA
@I am Phoenix Sorry to hear about your experience :/ that sounds super frustrating. We are paying out of pocket for this and many travel from far away. It's good you found another doctor. I hope my appointment with Dr. Levine is not the same. Dr. Lapp is retired but is he still seeing patients as you said?
Her follow up is very poor. She seems to have people in nyc come by as regulars for IVs in the back, maybe she communicates with her local patients better. In fact, if I could live in nyc,
I think I’d try this. Otherwise she is fine for the first appt , May have some good ideas, but way too scattered to be an adequate doctor. I feel that she is probably compassionate but just too disorganized and then she is blunt in odd ways. Good researcher, not quite set up to be a doctor.
Buyer Beware!

I first saw Dr. Levine nearly 2-years ago...and left the appointment encouraged - not necessarily for recovery, but at least progress. She ordered a series of tests and based on those results confirmed ME/CFS and prescribed a treatment regiment. I thought...finally someone who understands AND cares! Like other folks mentioned however, she quickly became unavailable...and then, without going into detail, did something that was completely inexplicable and potentially irreparably damaging. Jekyll and Hyde indeed! She, of all people, should know well the harsh reality of living with ME/CFS. Anyhow, after countless attempts to reach her, with the honey works better than vinegar approach, I ultimately begrudgingly had to threaten to report her to NY State Ethics Board to get her attention. Hopefully, the first and last time I have to do something like that. Shame.