Multiple Sclerosis snippets (history etc)


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I have been thinking about how MS patients used to be treated badly too before the illness was really known about.. so thought i'd check some history out, it does appear thou their history has gone a lot better than ours has.

- Men were thought to be more susceptible to MS than women.
Because women were often mistakenly diagnosed with "hysteria". -
MS symptoms tend to flair each month for most female MSers. "


History of what medicine understood about MS
"1890's - caused by the supression of sweat; treated with herbs & bedrest;
life expectancy after diagnosis was 5 years.

1910's - caused by an unknown blood toxin; treated with purgatives &
stimulants; life expectancy after diagnosis was 10 years.

1940's - caused by blood clots & poor circulation; treated with drugs that
improve circulation; life expectancy after diagnosis was 18 years.

1960's - caused by allergic reaction; treated with vitamins & antihistimines;
life expectancy after diagnosis was 25 years.

1996 - caused by autoimmune reaction possibly linked to virus; treated
with steriods & immune system regulating drugs; life expectancy after
diagnosis is essentially normal for most. "