Multiple Sclerosis MS Drug Trial


Near Cognac, France
Just passing on some information, picked up from another forum I'm a member of, that may be of interest to those with a diagnosis or who suspect atypical MS.

The poster's wife, has for the last nine months been taking Diaminopyridine in tablet form as part of trials to assess it suitability for use by MS sufferers in France.

The poster further states :

"Originally developed to treat another condition (Lambert-Eaton Syndrome) it has been found to be of some help to some MS sufferers some of the time. It's not a cure but it helps with balance and poise and now enables (the poster's wife) to walk in the garden, albeit with a cane, and to generally move around a lot more easily. In doesn't do anything else with other symptoms but certainly gives a psychological boost to counter the progressive decline that many MS sufferers see.

The trial has been concluded in the UK (where the consumer name of Fampradine has been given to the treatment). It's developers, Biogen Idec, are waiting for a licence to manufacture (probably due at the end of this year) and then it will be up to NICE to consider its cost/benefit suitability for release through Neurologists/GPs.

There appear to be few side effects although a tingling sensation in the fingers and lips together with the possibility of insomnia. You get used to the first and by taking the last tablets of the day around 4.00 pm the insomnia is easily countered.

We are told that the cost of a month's treatment is of the order of 120 so relatively cheap against some medicines."

Further information on wiki :,4-Diaminopyridine