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mTor Inhibitor Rapamune Helps 5 ME/CFS Patients in Dallas


Senior Member
I’m happy to hear of your improvements on Rapamycin. I’m starting my own trial (thanks for commenting on that thread and for the warnings to watch my blood work!)

Curious that you mentioned depressive symptoms — has the Rapa affected your mood at all?

That’s one area where my docs and I were struggling w the available research. Some studies indicated that under active mTOR is pathological in depression (thus Rapa would make it worse theoretically), while other research indicated that chronically overactive mTOR could lead to depression (and other mood / neurological disorders like autism and scitzophrenia).

I’m literally 1 dose in of 1 mg, and my depression disappeared for 3 days after my dose. And my severe anxiety as well. 🤷🏻‍♀️. We shall see what the next few weeks brings!!
Methotrexate makes depressive symptoms worse, whereas Rapa affected my mental status in a stimulatory way for 1 or 2 days after intakes.
I read that you have antibodies against AT1R and ETAR, I too have high titer for them.
I also have microvascular dysfunction.