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Most popular option

what has been most consistent, helpful and popular option for those with chronic fatigue and daily brain fog ? Methyl b-12, vitamin d, probiotic , multivitamin, prescription stimulants, hormone replacement, or something else?


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Resting and pacing first.

Folate and Methyl-B12 against brain fog and to bring back some vitality.
Adaptogen herbs (ashwagandha, rhodiola) to help with mood and a bit extra energy.
Minerals, especially zinc, as I seem to be always deficient (labs show it)

Without pacing though, the positive effects of these supplements are quickly negated.


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I can only tell you what has helped me.

Dietary changes have cleared up my chronic headaches and relieved much of the brain fog. Specifically, I cut out sugar, caffeine, and gluten - completely. No chocolate, no tea. Even decaf green tea gives me fog and headaches. I cut out all processed foods. It took me a year to find the diet that works for me. (In fact, I'm still tweaking it.) My head never aches, my mood is excellent, and I am able to read and remember and comprehend things that were lost to me.

I got a memory foam pillow that helps me sleep better and has relieved all my spinal tension and pain. This may also be a contributing factor to the disappearance of my headaches.

The only supplement I've tried so far that has had any noticeable impact on my energy is Acetyl-L-Carnitine. I take about 1000 - 1500 gms every morning. It's a small difference, but I definitely feel worse when I don't take it for a few days.


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For energy and brain fog: Venlafaxine XR (Effexor XR), PQQ and DHEA, all taken before noon, otherwise they can cause insomnia.
What helps me is Methyfolate + Methyl B12 to get rid of brain fog.

Forgot to mention LCAR ( L-Caranitine) for Energy. great boost along with small dose of ADb12

in short Freddds Deadlock Quandrant (DQ). search more on Freddd Protocol worth your life.
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Most of what has helped me has already been mentioned, but there are a few things that have helped me that I don't see above:

1. Molybdenum for sulfite (and maybe acetaldehyde from candida?) issues. In any case it helps me concentrate.
2. Other b vitamins have helped with energy at times. At one point I took fairly large doses of benfotiamine (a kind of B1) with nothing but good results. B2 is interesting for mood and sleep, but too much will deplete boron (and visa-versa...still trying to figure out if I can balance those two.)
3. Phosphatidylcholine: I also can't remember much of anything without this (or lecithin, which contains phosphatidylcholine).
4. Adenosylcobalamin: Helps me with energy and concentration. I think you'll find out more if you look of Freddd's protocol, so it is sort of already mentioned, but I thought I'd make it explicit.
5. Liposomal glutathione: Quite helpful at times, but not really noticeable other times. Worth a try, but I'd buy the other stuff first mainly because of the cost.
6. Chelation therapy: I have no idea if this helped, but it took me years to finish before I discovered all the methylation stuff. I'm glad I did, because I have to wonder what huge amounts of (in my case) mercury would do to an already messed-up biochemistry. Rich Van Konynenburg claimed that his "basic protocol" was fairly effective as these things go, and that in the cases where it was not he often knew of or suspected heavy metal poisoning. (Hopefully I got that mostly right; I am remembering it from the I think Sweden videos.) Rich Van Konynenburg died a few years ago.
7. CoQ-10: Forgot that one. Lump it with B-vitamins and stuff that helps the krebs cycle but can give insomnia in some cases.

Honestly, if you just got sick I would take a look at all of Rich Van Konynenburg's "simplified methylation protocol." He claimed some success curing people who had recently come down with ME/CFS, and although it seems likely that other stuff out there could do this too, I don't know of any (non-toxic stuff) that has been studied. But I only know about so much.

There are other things that seem to have helped me (like vitamin K2, or all the anti-"ammonia" stuff) but as far as I can tell they are helpful in a more specific set of circumstances than those mentioned above. Also I take a whole lot of stuff to sleep, but you didn't mention that as a problem, so I left them out.

Best of luck in any case.
I have had very little success with much of anything I've tried. I do think resting and not pushing it too hard helps but that's definitely not a remedy, I feel like that's just avoiding life. sorry if it sounds negative


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IV Glutathione and IV vitamins (myers type) have helped me the most - I had 3 a week for 6 weeks, but the effects don't last and cant afford to keep having them. B12 helped a little for about a year then stopped helping (and it was only a minor help).

Gamma globulin injections at low dose have alsp helped a little. But nothing works if I don't rest all the time.