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Does anyone else feel like this in the morning? This had eased for me in recent months but now it's back and it causes me to feel quite anxious.

Last year and early this year every morning was hard. I have 3 children and I'd wake daily, have a shower, then go down to do breakfast, potter about and see the children off to school. I'd then go upstairs and by 9am I'd done about 1000 steps on my fitbit. My ears hiss, I feel hot, dry mouth and drinking doesn't help, light headed and just a very stressed body feeling, like I've overdone it.

This had got much better and I could cope with the mornings without feeling so bad once the children leave. Now it's back every day and I'm finding it hard and it makes me anxious. It's so hard having children and mornings are busy. I even have help from my hubby before he leaves for work, i also sit for 30 minutes after doing breakfast and still it hits me hard once they leave.

Does anyone else experience this? I'm lying on my bed resting and it's taking a while to ease. My body feels very over worked. I had this every day so I know it's the cfs but I still get anxious about it when it hits me. It worries me why I can't just make breakfast, see my children off and climb the stairs without feeling these intense symptoms every morning. I've even left the beds and bathroom so it's not like I've pushed myself to do housework. It's so frustrating. The worst symptoms are the hissing ears, dry mouth and feeling my body is under stress. My pulse was fairly fast at first but now it's a nice normal resting pulse under 70.

Thank you


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Me every morning i wake - Ah man, that nightmare was a lot of fun.

maybe some day

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Yep, all of that, some days are worse than others. My ears feel like after a balloon just popped. That constant ring. Hallmark symptoms. Some symptoms may get worse, others will go away, and some may stick around at a constant level. Be good to your body and realize you can only do what you can.


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It seems to me you are pushing yourself and doing too much in a small window of time. Doing 1000 steps in 1-2 hours is a lot.

Can you skip showering in the morning ? Walk less, sit / lie down more ? As soon as you feel symptoms appearing or increasing when doing something, it is a sign that you need to rest.

You probably know all of this already but sometimes we tend to forget how fragile we are.


Does anyone else experience this?
1) I do not take showers in the morning (or I would be too exhausted), I wait for my best time of the day (about 7pm) and do it then, Also I had to quit very hot showers because of the vasodilation makes me feel worst.

2) I have a Desk high chair (on of those office ones you can change the hight and make it into about 36" tall) then I cook sitting down if it will take a bit when I am crashed (lets say I am doing sausage that takes longer) I sit while I cook it.
3) I now get my kid to help in the kitchen. I was thinking, some mothers are like unfit with other situations and the kids have to learn to help or do for themselves, I have a real condition (not a lifestyle choice) so I train her to be as independent as possible so if I crash in bed beyond help, she can fend for herself. So she is 10 now and can cook real meals, like ground beef with rice, eggs and sausage...... I started to teach her when she was about 7 (I was cooking fully also by 9).


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I don't know if this fits your case but some people with ME and CFS have low cortisol in the morning. It only picks up later in the day.

For me that means the more activity I do AM the worse I feel all day. It can compound with the mornings feeling worse and worse.

With 3 children and a husband it's going to be hard to get around this. I can't bathe at all in the mornings or get dressed without feeling very weak. It's just too much for do. Try and trim down your mornings with a much done the night before i.e. organising things for the children and putting out food for them etc.

Could you divide the day with your husband and have him to as much activity as possible then and have your "active" period at the end of the day instead? We try as much as possible in our home to divide up the activities into a morning/evening split as my husband is a morning person and I am active in the evenings,