Montoya's Talk At ILADS by C. Cairns


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ILADS now has MP3 downloads of the talks which are a lot cheaper than the CD/DVDs.

I listened to Montoya's talk and it was fine, not as I feared, though still have reservations about ILADS as a platform.

Not too much new though except he mentioned an interesting hypothesis about monocytes interacting with the central nervous system. Does anyone know anything more about this topic?
Link is here if anyone wants it:


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Switzerland/Spain (Valencia)
My guess is that Montoya now believes he can 'move this field'. It is a courageous step but this is a careful researcher surrounded by other careful researchers working at a distinguished institution....I think he has found a rock (data) he thinks he can stand on - and that gives him strength - and so he's willing to wade out into the deep end...I think he wants to transform both fields.... (a big task!)
Then i hope we will not have to wait for too long until we get to see something concrete. I don't mean this as a critique of him, i just hope the waiting will end soon and we get some movement.


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charity~ Dr. M's speaking at ILADS helps those doctors who attend ILADS, and builds bridges with them. They are some of the few doctors who believe their patients are sick with something and are willing to treat them. Because Dr. M shared, those doctors can now consider other causes for their patient's illness besides tick borne pathogens.

Dr. M will also be speaking at Invest in ME in May. Conference 2011/IIME 2011 International ME Conference Agenda.htm I think that is a good thing....again sharing information with other interested doctors.

Keep the faith in Dr. M..... He's doing a heck of a lot for us.... More coming from him soon.... (you saw his newsletter, right? Cort posted it on the front page awhile ago...)

Best, Timaca