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Boule de feu

Senior Member
Ottawa, Canada
I'm probably in the wrong section. (as usual :D)
I've been tested for mono today, five years after a CFS diagnosis (using the Canadian consensus). I will probably get my results by the end of this week.

I know CFS sometimes follows mono but is it possible to get infected with mono afterwards? And did it happen to you? If so, were you sicker? How were you able to cope? Did it take you long to overcome this?

I had mono when I was 18, and quite frankly i'm really worried that this is happening now.

I can't wait to read your answers. :thumbsup:


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australia (brisbane)
The virus that causes mono, ebv, commonly reactivates in cfs and cmv virus also causes a mono type illness which also reactivates. I think these viral reactivations are what many of us have when we say we are crashing. If these viruses are the cause or reactivate due to immune dysfunction is debatable.


Senior Member
I got mono in 1998 - 14 years after getting ME/CFS.
(I think I remember Dr Yes saying he got Mono later on in his illness too.)

I was a 7 - 8 on Bells scale when I came down with mono. I was very sick - high temps and fever for days. I had a worse case than the girl I apparently caught it from. I've only had the flu once in my life and Mono was way worse. My doctor (when I finally got to him, because I was staying somewhere quite isolated and didn't want the drama of an ambulance) said he was very relieved to see my immune system responding the way it should do.

How did I cope? I slept downstairs close to a refrigerator and drank litres and litres of iced water. After about day 6 I could eat a little in the evenings only. My mother was looking after me by then. At day 10 I was very weak and shaky but I managed to make the drive, as a passenger, over the mountain to see my doctor and have tests etc. He said I should have been in hospital but I was always a bit stubborn and independent. And I didn't like hospitals :p.