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Mom: supplements causing unusual stomach problems

my mother is so dry from inside gut that she trys to take vitamin B5 it would like someone sucks the moister out of her stomach and it gets very hard and tight, so tight that she can't even urinate.
dos samething with vitamin A and Calcium bloats her stomach bad.
She had digestive problems before the chickenpoxs.
PPI and H2 blockers do the same.
her stomach is so acidic and dry and thick foam.
her mucosa. seems to be gone. also she drinks 10 bottles water everyday and still dry inside and out.
again shes been to doctors no help.


Senior Member
New Zealand
@jen86 Your mother's condition sounds serious. But to me it doesn't sound like ME/CFS, which is what most people here have experience with. If the doctor she saw wasn't helpful, she should try another doctor.

If vitamin tablets are causing problems, perhaps she should not be taking them. Healthy foods are probably a better idea unless you have evidence of a deficiency.

Sorry I can't help. Good on you for being concerned about your mother and good luck.