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Mixed experience with Picamilon (Isonicotinoyl-GABA)

On a suggestion that Picamilon could help with sleep, me and my friend started taking it and like meds often do, it seems to have neither definitively bad nor good results, but a weirdly mixed bag of effects.

On a good side, it seemed to improve energy/concentration (and possibly sleep quality, though it also induced pretty annoying morning abrupt awakenings before people could get enough sleep); said improvement similar to clonazepam occasionally does, but more consistent and enhanced (observing the lack of dirty dishes pile-ups). One time I actually fell asleep nicely after taking pica+clona after waking up too early in the morning, an extremely rare occurrence, but for the most part good effects were more on the "being more active" side of things.

But those good effects came with immediate (and less) so side effects. The activity under Picamilon (sometimes fortified with clona) was accompanied by increase of miscoordination (more dropping things, more bumping into things) and impairment of retaining more than one task at hand. But even beyond period of acute action there seems to be increase in neurological symptoms. My friend is experiencing more than usual short-term memory problems and both of us find it hard to retrieve the right words occasionally (sometimes saying a wrong similar word, sometimes just pausing to find it). We've been off the med for a few days, but these don't seem to go away (it's possible they've lessened, but not gone)

Did someone else experience similar effects? Did they last? I can see how GABA-related substances can lead to those effects, but I'm not qualified to be sure it caused them (rather than contributed to some complex interaction) and whether there are long term/permanent effects to it

Looking for Picamilon threads here, I've found recommendations of kava kava, so we are going to try that and Japanese gaba tea as well, but those will take time to obtain.

If anyone has similar experience, such as increase in aphasia, research or thoughts with any of those or similar substances, please share!
So I was a little desperate (relative to my mild condition, granted) to get my baseline energy levels after some sort of infection that kept lingering for a while and got back to the idea of taking/enhancing GABA.

This time I took much more clonazepam and occasionally some Picamilon and despite relatively minor side effects, it helped tremendously feeling alive. For a relatively brief moment it felt like I'm experiencing colours like a normal person (I never used to attribute it to any illness before, but I've felt for a long time that I don't experiencing any emotions at even close magnitude to other people; bright beautiful colours is just an example of that). And writing this post (among other things) just came naturally, without having to force myself or even contemplate it. Almost as if my consciousness was preventing me from doing things effectively and now it's just observing me actually doing stuff.

Definitely not sure it'll work for everyone and proceed with caution (esp. don't do it you're operating some dangerous machinery and alike).

I'll keep experimenting and see if there are any serious costs attached to this