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Minocycline and Armour thyroid


Senior Member
Central Illinois, USA
Can these be taken together? They both require empty stomach. There are so many rules wirh all these drugs, running out of hours in the day to be sure there is enough time between everything taking.


Senior Member
Jerusalem, Israel
  • Minocycline doesn't require empty stomqch.On the contrary, it will be best tolerated with food. Just be sure you wait enough to take minerals like magnesium, calcium an also iron (two hours before, and 2-4 hours after). There is a controversy about avoiding dairy products during this time (supplements are clearly prohibited).
  • Say, if you take mino twice a day (breakfast/dinner), you may be adding your minerals at midday if you wish.
  • don't have any clue about armour thyroid, just be sure your adrenals are OK first.